Brand Concept

The story takes place in the Netherlands countryside. One day. when a boy passed the dam. a small hole was found in the dam. He is worried that the dam will be destroyed and flooded the village. Due to the very critical situation. the traffic and communications at the time were not as good as they are now. In order to prevent the dam from being destroyed. he decided to block the hole with his fingers. In the morning, the farmer discovered the boy and eventually saved the village. This great story has the same important meaning as a car-wide system leak solution.
The Dutch Boy is a leading brand of automotive sealing products and a landmark choice for leak solutions in automotive systems. The product market is positioned as a leak-proof seal for automotive systems.The range of automotive leak seals mainly includes air conditioning. engine. automatic transmission. Steering. Cooling. body and tire pressure seals. Leaks in various systems of the car can cause damage to the vehicle. Solving the problem of vehicle leakage is our determination. the development of leak sealing products is the only development goal and value core.

The Dr.Bear brand is based on automotive system-wide cleaning. including fuel systems. engine systems. air conditioning systems. automatic transmission systems and body systems.
As the life of the vehicle continues to increase, the accumulated pollution will affect the performance of the vehicle and ultimately cause damage. Dr.Bear The Clean Energy Series thoroughly cleans the system. checks the safety of the car. extends the life of the car. and reduces problems caused by car wear. For example. fuel consumption. power reduction and part damage can clean and restore the vehicle's original performance.


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