Sealant Adhesive

Black toughened(2021)
Black toughened
Further information
Whenever bonding has to meet extreme requirements, this special product
is an excell...
Retaining compound heat resistant(2025)
Retaining compound heat resistant
Further information
High viscosity adhesive that locks and secures metal cylindrical a...
Threadlocker high strength(2024)
Threadlocker high strength
Further information
A high strength threadlocker for use on all metal fasteners (including
Retaining compound high strength(2026)
Retaining compound high strength
Further information
High strength retaining compound for use where dynamic force or cy...
Gasket heat resistant(2023)
Gasket heat resistant
Further information
Product withstands temperatures to + 200 °C and has excellent solvent and
Pipe sealant with PTFE(2022)
Pipe sealant with PTFE
Further information
Formulated specifically for metal, tapered and straight / tapered fittings up...
HIGH RTV Silicone(2020)
HIGH RTV Silicone
Further information
Formulated for high temperature applications, for heavy-duty use. Highest


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